Having your vehicle regularly serviced is a clever way to manage not only your vehicle but also any costs related to maintaining your vehicle. We have an extremely robust system

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Electronic engine tuning is one way to get absolute maximum performance out of your vehicle, from power output to economy to reliability.

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If your brakes are making that screeching sound or you just know something isn’t right with your brakes you need to visit our brake specialists.

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to get any suspension repairs done by experienced mechanics with a solid reputation and extensive knowledge.

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Automatic transmission servicing for your vehicle is a bit like giving the transmission system a healthy detox!

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Our team is hand picked to give you not only our professional opinion about clutch and gearbox repairs, but also our professional, reputable service.

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Having a regular service of your radiator and cooling system helps you maintain your vehicle the way it should be so it runs smoothly and efficiently.

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When you need glass repair and replacements we’ll make the extra effort to get it done for you as quickly as we can.

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Vehicles are more electronic these days and having auto electricians on site who are kept up to the date and use state of the art gear gives us exactly the results we have built our reputation on.

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The life span of a car battery varies.  Regular checks to make sure your battery acid level is topped up is recommended,

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Air conditioning units have air filters that work to clean the air of dust and pollen so the air you breathe is kept clean,

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Sometimes seat belts suffer wear and tear and need repairing or replacing. We will assess the seatbelt and give you our honest advice on what we know is best.

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A warrant of fitness is a safety inspection on your vehicle.  Safety and quality is our number one priority.

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We can do a complete oil change and oil filter change that keeps your vehicle running longer and quieter, helping your engine run properly.

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This is another area we can’t stress enough that when your timing belt or cam belt needs replacing please make sure you get it done immediately by professionals. This is not a job for the un-professionals.

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The team at bayautomotive were everything I try to get out of my business....that is friendly, professional, reliable, honest with excellent communication skills. My car came back better than it arrived, its safer on the road for my family and now I am on regular call back so won't let it get into that state again! Cannot recommend the service I received more.

Cheers Terry and team, Dr Nick

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