We recommend all Peugeot cars are serviced at yearly intervals at least, so that all performance and safety features - brakes, engine, transmission system, etc - are working at their best and safest. Overlooked areas are often brakes, engine and transmission fluids as well as the filters of airconditioning systems. Especially for people susceptible to allergies, we highly recommend to have these looked at with your yearly service.

European wheel alignment services

Every car is different and this is particularly true for European cars where your run-of-the-mill garage will not have as much experience as a European vehicle specialist. To further improve on this specialist area, we are the only mechanic to introduce specialist European wheel alignment services. We have heavily invested in state-of-the-art equipment for our wheel alignment service. Please talk to us about this service today.


Some common models include:

Peugeot 307

A small family car from the most popular French car manufacturer in New Zealand and larger than its predecessor 306. A popular French car that we see regularly in our service centre, given its popularity.

Peugeot 308

Now the newest model small family car by Peugeot, this car is the replacement for the 307 model. Many of these are now coming off manufacturer servicing and warranties. Owners should do detailed research on who can service your European car well and efficiently. Please contact us if you have any questions or service requirements

Peugeot 306

Although now a quite old car, it is notable for its safety features, with one of the highest ratings for safety achieved in the 2006 Australian Used Car Safety Ratings. 


The team at bayautomotive were everything I try to get out of my business....that is friendly, professional, reliable, honest with excellent communication skills. My car came back better than it arrived, its safer on the road for my family and now I am on regular call back so won't let it get into that state again! Cannot recommend the service I received more.

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