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We only notice how important fully functioning air conditioning is in our car when it goes wrong!  It’s one of the hardest working components in the modern vehicle and one we are extremely attached to.  Sadly, it can go forgotten and neglected.  The benefits of servicing your air conditioning unit means it will reward you by running at tiptop shape, summer and winter.

If you notice a funny smell it’s more than likely your air conditioning unit needs a good clean of the evaporator.  Those with allergies will probably also notice they are sneezing in the car more, and this is another indication it needs a good clean by professionals.  It’s not recommended to take the DIY approach and just replace the filters as you could miss picking up a leak, for example, and this will do more harm than good.

Your air conditioning unit, can only run efficiently if it is full of nice, hydrating fluids like oil and refrigerant, so a service will give it a good old top up so the unit can run smoothly and at its required capacity.

The compressor is the heart of your unit and it needs to be checked at regular intervals.  A professional air conditioning service agent will pick up any leaks or faults that may affect the performance. The benefits of ensuring your air conditioning unit is in good health means you will always travel in maximum comfort without having to worry about you or your car getting overheated.

Just like Xmas shopping, it pays not to leave your Xmas travel plans to the last minute.  If you rely on your car to get you from A to B safely, consider booking in for a service ahead of time to save you time and frustration over the busy period.  

There’s nothing worse than packing up the car and driving off and then coming to an almighty halt.  Anything from brakes, to a flat battery to a worn tyre can catch us out.  Service technicians will be flat out leading up to Xmas and closed down during the Xmas break so you need to get it sorted early.  If you don’t you run the risk of not just breaking down, but paying double if you do need help.

Air conditioning is something you also need to keep an eye on. The summer months are when this cooling system is in high demand so for you, your family and your much-loved pets to keep cool, get it looked at well in advance. 

Ensure your tyres are pumped to the right specification to save on fuel, and make sure you always, always check your oil and water before heading off on a long trip. Make sure you’ve packed a good spare tyre for those off the beaten track moments in case you do get a flat.  By good, we mean one that is in tiptop shape and is going to last you until your next stop, or the next town. 


I get my cars serviced/repaired by Terry and his team, they provide great service and support each and every time. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

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