Most cars are being serviced once a year, often coinciding with the recently introduced extended Warranty Of Fitness period.

However a lot of things can happen within a year and missing some issues throughout the year may increase the cost of running your vehicle, wear down engine parts quicker and reduce the general performance of your car.

We have developed a simple, cost effective Basic Service Check to make sure your vehicle has one more backstop half way throughout the year. It consists of the following items:

  • Checking Tyre pressure including spare
  • Checking coolant fluid
  • Checking break fluid
  • Checking power steering fluid
  • Checking washing bottle and top up if required.

This Basic Service Check is designed to pickup on failures and stuff that breaks in between services. 

This check is competitively priced at $35.-- including GST


I recently had my company car serviced by Terry. Had a call before extra work/costs were done and then when the invoice came through it was itemised with everything used and also the checks carried out. Never had that with any other dealership/workshop. Even rotated the tyres for me to ensure they last as long as they can. Highly recommended and friendly staff.

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