European cars are designed for the ultimate driving experience.  With a long history and tradition built over decades, European cars are mechanically more complex, have more mechanical parts and adjustments that can affect wheel alignment.  That’s why they require specialist mechanical maintenance.

This is the correct process that should be followed for European wheel alignment: 

  • Specialist mechanics will road test the car, including inspection of tyre wear and manufacturer specifications.  Mechanics will have a standard procedure and checklist to complete to record any necessary data
  • Every European car has it’s own “personality”.  Expert wheel alignment engineers and professional mechanics understand this.  Under the supervision of a qualified mechanic the adjustment should then be carried out by an experienced wheel alignment engineer
  • Once that wheel alignment adjustment has been completed, the specialist mechanic and engineer will also assess and tweak the settings of other mechanical parts to ensure a more comprehensive and thorough service 

European car manufacturers are always bringing out new and improved versions of their own make and model of high-performance cars.  For example, the 2014 Audi S8 that goes for around $280,000 not only has all the bells and whistles you would expect for that price but what you are also getting is cutting edge technology that runs all those bells and whistles. European car mechanics and engineers have to ensure they are up to date with what all these updates and improvements.

To get technical excellence and superior performance out of a European car you need expert, qualified mechanics and engineers.  Our job is to make sure your car gives you the performance you paid for.


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